How to have Economical Trip in London

There are some events in life when we do like to have constraint budget.  Tour to London is one of them as we generally can’t miss renowned attractions like palaces, museums etc and also cannot utterly ignore shopping. But budget restrictions are always with every human being, no matter how wealthy a person is.

But there are certain tips if we follow during excursion of the city, we can definitely save some pennies and let the expenses fall within the boundaries of budget.

  1. Try pedalling or walking – Well cycling is definitely not good option for overnight or long journeys. But is fun and  wise pick while exploring central London by availing Santander Cycle scheme. You can take cycle or bike on hire and also can burn some calories.
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  2. Oyster Card– Oyster cards, contactless payment cards and Visitor Oyster cards facilitate economical travelling in London. You can save almost 50%  of money by using Visitor oyster card  over single tickets with cash  or one-day paper Travel cards .
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  3. The London Pass Allows you free entry to around 60 top London attractions including the London Bridge, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the Thames River Cruise.
  4. Book online – You can save handsome amount by booking online and also in advance for any ticketed exhibitions and tourist attraction. For instance Coca-cola and Madam Tussaud wax museums ticket are almost 10 % cheaper on online booking.
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  5. Entry in Pubs and discs during happy hours – Check out the happy hours, drinks promotion etc to have amazing night out on little expense.
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